WWJD: Jane Tells How to Deal with Finding Out (on Facebook) Your New Boyfriend Has a Wife

What would you do if you saw happy Facebook pictures of your boyfriend with his wife? What should this reader, who just made that discovery, do now?
Publish date:
February 11, 2015
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Oh, I feel for this reader. One time my boyfriend thought he had hung up the phone but hadn't and that's how I found out he had another girlfriend he was living with who thought I was some crazed stalker he was trying to get rid of. The worst. Well, not the worst, but pretty bad.

I'm not sure how this dude thought she wouldn't see his Facebookpictures, or maybe he didn't care. Anyway, here is what I told thisxoJane texter who reached me yesterday at the office when I was sohappy to postpone what I was supposed to be working on (budgets) to answer her question. I'm assuming it is a her, 'cause of the reference to Girl Code, but either way, here is my advice:

What do you think, and have you had any yucky experiences withdiscovering you were being cheated on? Do you disagree with me about the Girl Code rules here? Tell me and this week's texter in the comments. I love you. And I will never cheat on you, whatever that means in this context. Text me any and all issues at any time of night or day at 917-239-2891.