WWJD: Jane Tries to Help A Reader Who Tried Suicide

And I would love for you to help this other reader who is currently (and unwantedly) pregnant.
Publish date:
March 18, 2015
pregnancy, mental health, advice, jane's stuff, WWJD

Wow, was there ever a ton of range in the texts I got from y'all this week. Lots of questions about guys, some about body image, and at least one heavy one that I ended up thinking of a potential solution to in my sleep.

I also love that I have had so much back and forth with some of you (whose problems can't be addressed in just one text exchange) that you are sometimes now randomly butt-dialing me or sending me texts about being late that were meant for your wives (or whomever in your life you were needing to tell that to -- sorry they never got your "sorry").

Here are a couple of texts I got this week, one of which I can definitely use your help in answering, as you will see, if you don't mind:

Now here is another that I got a half hour later on the same day. It's fairly urgent and could use your input. Thanks in advance:

Anything you can do to help either of these readers would be so appreciated here, by them and by me. And any problems you are having that you want to text me about (or just accidentally dial me in the middle of a loud basketball game, like one call I got this week), here's the number: 917-239-2891. I keep it with me all the time and am always happy to hear from you.

Now help!