WWJD: Jane's Idea to Help Stop Snorting All That Adderall

Plus: An update from that reader whose fiancé demanded she get rid of her cats!
Publish date:
February 4, 2015
addiction, Jane, advice, adderall, WWJD, QOTW

I was last-minute packing when I got this week's QOTW. I am curious if any of you disagree with my advice below, or have your own personal experience with Adderall addiction.

I was also imagining that this sweet texter was high when she texted me, thus accounting for the upbeat tone here. Not that speculating about that matters, other than that sometimes it is important to remember that someone's problem can be serious, even when they don't sound that serious about it.

Whether or not you have any advice for her, I hope you'll leave her an encouraging comment below. The more supportive voices the better.

Speaking of supportive voices (Subtlety! Segue!), a bunch of you wanted an update from the reader whose fiancé proposed on the condition that she get rid of her two cats. She texted me back again this week, so here's that update. I'm curious how you feel about that outcome too.

And as always, text me anything any time. I live to help. The number is 917-239-2891.