WWJD: Jane Freaks That Your Low-Libido Husband THREW AWAY Your Vibrator

And while you are pregnant! What Would You Do?? Plus: an update from the reader who was snorting Adderall from a chapstick tube all day.
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February 18, 2015
Jane, advice, WWJD

I got really (irrationally?) incensed by the dude, so much so that I made an unintentional pun about not being too soft on him (before I thought better of it and erased that part of my text answer below).

Can you help this reader? Relate to her? Agree or disagree with my advice here? I appreciate all of it.

What would you do in this reader's position? Before you head down to the comments to let this reader know she's not alone (and let me know how well — or rashly — I handled this question), I'd like to share this update from the reader who was having trouble quitting Adderall. (You all were so helpful with that one, alerting me to the additional concerns about withdrawal side-effects, etc.) Texts like this one are the reason I started this column:

As always, I'm always here for you. Text me your questions at 917-239-2891 night or day or mid-afternoon.