WWJD: Jane Tells You How To Handle An Increasingly Creepy, Little Old Lady

Well, that's how I pictured her anyway. Have you ever had a major neighbor issue and how did you handle it?
Publish date:
May 20, 2015
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I'd like to preface this "excellent-premise-for-a-horror-movie" question with the following disclaimer: I'm going to blame any egregious errors of judgment in my advice on the fact that the screen of my phone is smashed, making it harder to read and write on. Please see the proof below (above my new, but already stained, rather-subdued-looking Herschel backpack):

Now that I've gotten preemptive immunity out of the way, let's get to the part where I share with you what a reader shared with me today about her presumably well-intentioned, but annoying and aggressive, neighbor.

I'm sure we've all had weird neighbors or experiences with people in our lives wanting more (time, closeness, intimacy, frequent texting, etc.) from us than we want to give them, so please share your stories or advice with this reader in the comments:

Was I too harsh? Does it matter that the lady is sickly? How would you handle this reader's neighbor? How do you handle your own neighbors?

As always, I'm available to take your questions, butt-text gibberish, or changes to dinner reservations meant for Jack, James or Janet. Don't ever hesitate to text me at 917-239-2891. The glass finger splinters will just add to the sweet rush of emotional release I get from answering you.