WWJD: Jane Tells The Guy From Rehab To Stop Hitting On You

This reader is 92 days sober and getting harassed by some dude in her AA meetings. Can you help?
Publish date:
March 11, 2015

I don't know if you noticed, but I took a little break from WWJD last week. I did it mostly because I was dealing with issues of our own here at XOHQ (still not able to disclose them -- sorry).So I'm happy to be back to running one of the advice questions from y'all here. Speaking of that, some days only a few of you want my help, which makes me keep checking my ding-less phone to see if it's lost power, and other days you're collectively much needier and I get 300+ texts from you on my cell (917-239-2891), which I love. I happily read them all and respond to any I think I can help with.

This past Friday was a lovely needy day and I felt good about most ofmy answers. This one, not so much. Please check out this fellow xoJaner's dilemma and see if you can help me help her in the comments. I had some trouble with the specifics of what she can do and hoping you may know more than I do.

Could you leave this reader a comment on how to deal with this guy? Or just a note of commiseration if you have been through anything similar. And remind me if you want an update on any past WWJD's, cause I'm happy to ask for them.