WWJD: Jane Helps You Confront Your Roommate About Her (Possible) Eating Disorder

Your roommate seems to be bulimic. How would you handle that?
Publish date:
April 22, 2015
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The topic of the text I just got deserves attention, this reader deserves support, and I imagine you'll have some related experiences or advice to share with her in the comments:

I'm also curious to hear your stories here if you have been on the receiving end of advice about your disordered eating -- what worked and what didn't work in getting you help?

And no matter whether you think I failed this texter with my advice (tell me so and offer up your wisdom, please!), if you are dealing with anything big or small and want me to weigh in on it at any time of night or day, do this:

Text me at 917-239-2891. I live to get your texts and to do whatever I can to help out. Love you all.