WWJD: How To Tell If He/She/Anyone (Still) Likes You (In A Little Nutshell)

Do you ever really know? (Yes. Yes you do.)
Publish date:
May 6, 2015
relationships, Dating, advice, WWJD

I am thrilled by every text that you (the-royal-millions-of-readers-that I-live-for "you") text me. I love that you open up to me about what you're going through and love when you get some help with whatever it is. I get a beautiful overall sense of the people in this community through these quick personal questions that is more vulnerable than the one I see in the comments, but just as impressive.

The questions that wind up in this column generally fall into at least one of three categories:

A) ones that I think you can relate to and get something out of that can be helpful in your own lives;

B) ones where I hope you can help the questioner;

C) ones that I think you will find interesting to read, maybe even because the experience is so outside of your own world.

Happily, this text that was the last one to come in just now (as I looked at the time and realized I have 36 minutes before this posts) may even fall into all three of these categories:

Though topics of the questions I get tend to be pretty varied, as you have seen, there is one category of question that is at least part of about 95% of them, and that is: Does He/She Like Me? Here's one like that from earlier this week and I would love to know what you think:

Because sometimes I think I am too harsh and quick to say: Just Ask, when someone is wondering how to ask someone out or Just Leave, when there are signs that a person you're in a relationship with is sucky. Maybe that's what I would do, but maybe it's not what's best for everyone.

So give me and this reader some perspective here, if you would.