WWJD: Jane Tells Your Trans Parent To Stop Invading Your Queer Spaces

This queer reader is proud of her mom's new trans identity, but wants her to stop showing up at sex parties where the reader's friends are.
Publish date:
April 15, 2015
relationships, parents, advice, WWJD

I've written before about my complicated relationship with my own dad, so when I opened this reader's text today, my whole body got itchy with uncomfortable commiseration.

My hope for this week's WWJD column -- and this reader -- is that anyone who has had a difficult time with their parent or parents, however different the specifics are from this question, will leave her a comment in support and solidarity. Let's band together, folks.

Just so you know, because it comes up here most weeks in your comments: I always try to avoid, when giving advice here, suggesting that the person go to therapy. I always feel like people are coming to this forum partly because going to therapy can be costly and time-consuming and not always quick and easy to set up. It feels like shirking my responsibility as an advice-giver to just say: see a doctor or therapist. But sometimes that is, of course, the only answer.

Anyway: What do you think about what I told this sweetie? What big boundary issues have you had with your parent(s) or kid(s)? Have you ever suddenly seen your one (or both) of your parents in a new adult light? Let's get our familial boundaries on, y'all.