WWJD: Jane Helps You Spot A Cheater And Stand Up To A Toxic Coworker

Slap reader #1 in the face (she requested it!) and help reader #2 with the perfect comeback to an obnoxious coworker. Your xo-compatriots need your comments!
Publish date:
June 17, 2015
harrassment, cheaters, WWJD, Tough Love

The number of texts I received from y'all decreased exponentially this week (can something decrease exponentially?) and I'm pretty sure it's because I declared all the texts I get fair game for publication.

My friends and family and coworkers appreciate the fewer interruptions when my little text alert goes off on my phone (now down to about 2-3 sad little dings per hour), but I don't. And it is giving me less material to choose from in order to create WWJD for your lovely reading pleasure each week.

So, if you're even remotely considering texting 917-239-2891 for advice from me and these wise readers, please do! No problem is too big or too small for me to get codependently obsessed with fixing for you! And for other xoJaners to sanely relate to and help with too. Just ask.

Like this question from a lovely who knows she needs your tough love. So gang up in the comments. All of you! There's power in numbers! (Or disagree with me there if you do.)

Have you ever had a cheater display their terrible cheating cheatness right in your face? Tell us! AND get your keyboards ready for some ALL CAPS realness when you tell Reader #2 exactly how to give this asshole kitchen dude a piece of her mind. I'm leaving this one entirely to you to answer, because I am bad with witty comebacks and mic drop inspiring off-the-cuff monologues. However, I know from my time in the comments that you guys will have one or two or three great things to say. You always do.