WWJD: Jane Needs Your Help Responding To This Email She Got From A Private Investigator

Who comes first: the adoptive or the birth parents?
Publish date:
June 10, 2015

I hope you guys won't hold the recent lapse of WWJD installments against me. I've had a handful of really great exchanges with readers who've requested, through our text exchanges, not to have their experiences shared online. Some of these requests have been made at the last minute. So, while I will comply with that request, it means I have to deprive the rest of you the chance to weigh in on the big life dilemmas of some other readers. From now on, anything you text me on my phone (917-239-2891) is up for possible publication. Including but not limited to those lovely dick pics.

Now, if you could help me with something this week while I am re establishing those boundaries, here goes: I got an email from a private investigator hired by someone who had been adopted as an infant. The question: Should I help this person find their birth parents, knowing that the adoptive parents do not want that to happen??

Do you also have any words of wisdom for any of the involved parties? The adoptive or birth parents or the not-so-much-a-child-anymore child?

Let's talk about all of it. And I could really use your help with this current dilemma I'm in, so please let me know WWYD in my situation please. I said please!