WWJD: Jane Helps A Reader Move On After Her Ex Overdoses

Have you ever dealt with the death of an ex?
Publish date:
April 1, 2015
relationships, advice, self care, WWJD

I opened this text after dropping Charlotte at school this morning, before I had even started to drink from the huge however-many-ounce travel coffee Thermos thing that I fill up in her school cafeteria every morning.

My caffeine deficit, I think, exacerbated a challenge I have with giving advice via text: I give it based on my recollection of the question and what I understand to be the gist of the question, but without continually scrolling back to reread the details. I'm also not cumbersomely editing, as evidenced (sorry) here.

Maybe you, reading this, will have a completely different take than I had. Maybe you think she shouldn't bug her husband with this. Maybe you think she should go to the funeral regardless of what his family thinks of her. Feel free to share your take or to use the space below to tell this lovely reader and us your related stories.

You can also ask me other questions that you need quick advice on, because I always hang out in the comments of these posts to see what you have to say and I love to help you out too. Or text me, as this sweetie did, any time of day at 917-239-2891. I will respond no matter how caffeinated or chamomiled I am at that moment. Love you.