Let Loose In This Free-Love-Laden, Champagne Pop-Worthy, Woohoooooo Of An Open Thread

What shoes are you wearing right now, if any, and are they good for jumping up and down in?
Publish date:
October 9, 2015
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I just want to let loose this weekend and celebrate with all the right people around me, including you all here in the comments.

I've been through some business version of a proverbial wringer (what's a wringer? Like for washing clothes? Seriously don't know) for who knows how long. (Can y'all remember how long this is been going on? This limbo state we've all been in? Oy. This is one reason it's a blessing not to keep track of time, the way I don't. But either way, it feels loooooong. And protracted, a word that makes me think of rectal exams.)

Ok, enough cryptic free-associative rambling before we get on to the best part of every Weekend Open Thread (you, of course). Let me instead offer you this very succinct and accurate description of how I personally want to spend these wonderful three days with you (and you are all welcomed to respond in kind):

Of course, I also (always) want to give you advice, love to hear your life updates, love best when you help each other and support each other here or just greet each other or make each other laugh in your weekly open commenting spot. So make of this dude whatever you will. Non-celebratory news and comments and critiques are also always welcome as are any answers to these random questions:

Are you planning your Halloween costume yet?

Have anything in your pockets (if you have pockets) today?

Does your intuition illicit a physical response (stinging ears, tingling hands, etc.)?

Have you ever purchased bones to cook with?

How long does your morning routine (if you have one) take?

Have you ever been suspended from school?

No judgment. Just go!