YOU Are A Winner In This Open Thread!!!!

And your glorious prize is… each other (a.k.a the most loving, fascinating, non-judgmental group of friends to tell absolutely anything you want in this free weekly free-for-all). So get to it!
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August 7, 2015
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The lately-pretty-vacationy-mellow xoJane headquarters got a little loud and lively this week when our CareFree contest winner came to claim her prize of a Day With Me.

My daughter Charlotte (12-and-a-half, if you recall) came along, partly because she was dying to grill our winner with questions like: "Wait, how is spending a day with my mom a WIN exactly??" and "Is my mom PAYING you to do this??"

Charlotte ran around loudly entertaining everyone at xoJane and xoVain in a way that reminded me of Cat Marnell's office behavior and brilliance. Except that rather than being substance-fueled, Charlotte's extra energy was from having pulled an all-nighter the night before (Worst Mom, that's me).

And since I am writing this by dictating it into that little microphone icon, as I write most things these days, I am reminded to tell you about a little autocorrect mishap when we were planning for our winner to come in. It looked like this:

Ok, enough about my mishaps. On to some questions to get you talking about yourselves. Answer as many or as few of these as you like, or skip them altogether:

Who's your least (or!) favorite GOP candidate?

Did you watch the debates? (I watched most of them.)

What word(s) do you almost always misspell?

When was the last time you paid for something with pennies?

Apple TV or Roku OR cable?

What guilty pleasure movie do you love to watch alone?

When is the point where a houseguest has overstayed their welcome with you? (Asking because I want to go back to my friend's house for another week after already spending almost three weeks there -- so far this summer.)

Bottom line here: there is nothing you can say wrong in these comments. Just say something about your day or week, ask for advice, recite a random fact, talk about your cat, whatever, then sit back and get ready to claim your prize.

P.S. I hope you might offer me some help in figuring out if I should relaunch WWJD. Love your wisdom on it, if any.