Winner of Perhaps Our Grossest Contest Ever

Publish date:
January 10, 2012
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Though the "Q. What in the hell is this thing? A. Cat's cigarette-burned stomach" one was right up there. And I aim to top ourselves in grossness in the future. In any case, one day I looked at my smudged and greasy iPhone and launched this contest. You sweetly (or greedily -- both good) showed me how much you really know all of us. The winner is ...

Nobody actually got it completely right, but this was the closest to perfect. The actual disgustingnesses belong to:


2. Madeline

3. Julie

4. Bryan

5. Courtney

6. Jane

Many of you, including the winner, thought Bryan was the cleanest. Not true. Sorry Bryan. The cleanest phone is Emily's; she did a little dance when I told her. And most of you thought that Courtney Love would have the girly-sparkly case, but no -- that's Madeline's, and boy is hers by far the MOST CAKED WITH GUNK. What's up with that, Madeline? Courtney's homescreen looks like this, so I think you had the right general idea, no?

Extra points (but no phone-case) go to those of you who noticed all the typing I do on mine (an insane amount -- including this thing I'm typing you right now), though those are all my little fingerprints, not Charlotte's.

Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to guess. I will be sending you all love and sending Katieb my favorite iPhone case. Ours will be matching -- woo-hoo! No offense to the also-cool SAY Media one I have, but this one rules -- simple, strong, effective and a mirror, it looks like this:

I am copying my FAMOUS friend who has this one, but whatever, he says it's OK. Katieb, please send your information to and we'll send you your awesome new case! Note: Let us know if you want it signed or not.

Xo and thanks for playing along with this silly thing.