Wherever You Are, Whoever You're with, and Whatever You Do, You Make This Open Thread a Better Place

What changes are you going through right now?
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July 1, 2016
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I'm still working in LA, which is less interesting than wherever you are and whatever you're doing, and to make up for the fact that I'm not at my desk, I've been absorbing these beautiful surroundings and trying to channel them into the rest of my life, including here on xoJane. Can you see it reflected on the site? Where does this site feel like it was produced to you? NYC? Your back garden? A gutter? Does any of that even make sense?

I've also been taking full advantage of the extensive and sometimes bizarre "self improvement" offerings that exist in this part of the country. (Though the reason I put that in quotes is that I actually believe the whole idea of self improvement is a sad trap we've gotten into. But if the stuff is fun to do, go for it, why not.)

I've been trying to get someone at xoJane to sit in a cryotherapy chamber and then write about it, but no one's done it yet, so there was a free trial offer at this place in Santa Monica and I walked in. (Here is my mini review: The only kind of surprising elements to me about it were that 1) I expected to be madly shivering and kept my hands over my breasts the whole time, because I heard that nipples can particularly feel it. But I didn't even think it seemed all that cold and the three minutes in there went by much faster than I thought they would. 2) When I told the guy who was operating the chamber that my upper thighs were burning, he rightfully guessed that I had been riding a bike earlier that day and said there was lactic acid buildup in there. In the end: I felt not all that different and not that high afterwards. Waaaaah. Will try again though if free.)

Would you ever sit in a frozen chamber for the sake of your health, emotional and otherwise? If not, would you (or will you) answer any of these random questions?

Are you abstaining from anything right now?

What was the last thing you planted, be it vegetable, flower, or idea?

Do fireworks make you happy or anxious or something else?

Are you seeing the effects of Brexit in your life?

When was the last time you had sex (with yourself or someone else)?

What have you walked away from — or what would you like to walk away from — recently?

Now, you, wherever you are and whatever you're doing, are welcome to make this Open Thread into whatever you need it to be. If you need advice on dealing with a conflict, home improvement project, or pet-based predicament, ask away. If you're looking for a new place, hair color, or life partner, share your perspective, doubts, and game plan. Any plans. Any perspective. Any outlook. In any language. Your big and small ideas, concerns, losses, or gains are welcome, worthwhile, and worthy of loads and loads of upvotes. Chances are, someone here is gliding or struggling through something similar. Tell each other anything. Don't hold back. Don't delay. Or do delay. It's all a-okay here. As are you.

P.S. To add to all of the dental issues I've been experiencing lately, in the manner of one of those pre-performance-jitters nightmares lots of singers and public speakers have about losing their teeth, I chipped my front tooth today, while using it to open a package. Charlotte's dentist always tells me, "Teeth are not tools," and tricks me by handing me something and asking me to open it and seeing what I do. My argument has always been, "but teeth ARE tools." Maybe now I will listen. In any case, what would be the bigger meaning behind why these odd dental problems are happening to me all at once?? I'm now missing two and a half teeth that were fine a few months ago. What does it mean psychically or health-wise when you lose teeth? I'm not doing meth (currently). Answer only if you care to. Otherwise, carry on with your sweet selves. Always xo