What Shape Glasses Are Best For My Face?

My Pilates teacher told me I look like a schoolmarm in my glasses today.
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January 13, 2012
Jane, Courtney Love

And he took this one of Courtney in hers to illustrate a point. As I recall it (and I know most of us have a tendency to hear the negative over the positive, so this could be all wrong -- they are very nice, caring, HONEST people), Michael said my glasses did nothing for my lower face. And Courtney said "Or your upper face."

My Pilates teacher told me I look like a schoolmarm in my glasses this morning. (I still love you, Daniel!) Last night, I was out with MICHAEL STIPE AND COURTNEY LOVE (and some other not-as-famous, therefore not worth mentioning, people -- KIDDING).

Mr. Michael took this picture above on my phone of me wearing his glasses

I am getting the message that my glasses do nothing for my face at all. Well, except help me see. I am new to glasses. There was a pair of fake (plain-glass-lens ones) I got when I was in Australia pre-Sassy launch, which were round Lennon-style ones that I wore for a few months right around the time Rob Lowe started wearing fake ones too. Christina Kelly would remember those. But I didn't get any real glasses until two years ago. They were reading glasses and I just switched to those gradated ones (first photo above of me in the apparently-not-flattering ones) that I am supposed to use for distances and for reading, i.e. all the time except for when I'm sleeping. I don't see myself doing the whole contacts rigamarole. Maybe Lasik at some point? In the meantime: What shape glasses would best suit my marmish face? What shape do you wear? Feel free to tweet me pictures (@JanePratt) so I can see yours, too, for ideas. Or just tell me which of these four styles here you like best for me.

Thanks in advance. I love you for this (and many other reasons daily).