4 Things I Couldn't Get Anyone To Write About This Week, Including "Adult Products"

Like last week and all the weeks before that, I'm letting you know what we didn't write about on xoJane this week.
Publish date:
December 7, 2013

Allow me to extend a warm welcome to you -- you're currently reading my weekly post wherein I list the topics and issues that we didn't cover on the site this week. Here's what happens: Emily sends an email everyday-ish to all the xoJane editors, staffers, and regular contributors that has a bunch of links to stuff going in the news (like studies, articles, etc.) (and she LOVES The Daily Mail, if you hadn't noticed) that we'd love to get an xoJaney, personal take on. It's quite effective -- most of the topics are claimed or assigned, but there are inevitably always a few left. And here they are this funny week:

Take to the comments section and let me know which of these topics we should still try to cover. Or say whatever you want, pretty much.