Welcome Baze!

Tell her whose beauty and fashion style you most love.
Publish date:
February 19, 2014
fashion, style, beauty

To start out with, I know I promised I would tell you about the exciting new xoJane staff-member earlier this week via my phone. Unfortunately, here is the state of my phone today:

Really, you know the Jane's Phone feature the tech team here at SAY so lovingly developed that allows you to see what is going on in my phone every day? With that image of that phone so nicely displayed in all of its unused clean glory on that nice pristine natural-wood desktop? It actually looks like this.

I drop it a lot and get it wet a fair amount too. (I am also hard on shoes and these two things are linked in my mind. I wonder what it would be like to be that person whose shoes always look brand new, never scuffed.) ANYWAY, I have been using my phone for weeks in various stages of deterioration and finally had to concede that the phone needed to go to the Apple store today when I tried to take a picture of our new employee with it and the home button fell onto the floor.

So this morning, I got the much-more-photographically-gifted Olivia to photograph our new Fashion and Beauty Director, Baze Mpinja!!!! Welcome her! (The photo also shows you our fancy new offices. Can you imagine? us?? here???)

And when I asked her what she wanted to know about you here by way of introduction, Baze said, "I really want to know from them: Who is their style inspiration, past or present, famous or not, young or old, dead or alive, murdered or... " Okay, Emily and I just added in the murdered part, you know, to make it all xoJaney. (Emily sits between me and Baze in our new HQ.) But do tell Baze here whose looks you most love.

Plus tell her how happy you are that she is here. I myself am thrilled.