This Weekend Open Thread Is The Realest, Funniest, Most Special One Yet

This is the time to comment anything you want to comment. Toilet humor is allowed.
Publish date:
October 18, 2013
open thread, weekend open thread

Welcome to another lovely, cozy, cuddly Weekend Open Thread. This weekend, like every Open Thread weekend before it, you are 100% free and welcome to use this space any way you'd like. Some people use it for advice -- maybe you're having an issue co-parenting with your ex -- while others use it to tell jokes.

This thread is also a good time to get really real about how often you find yourself itching your crotch in public or drunkenly eating stale pasta that's been sitting in the colander for six hours. And be honest (or "b'honest" as Corynne and some of the other xoStaffers like to say). Is the sun going down earlier starting to bum you out, assuming you're not at the equator or in the Southern Hemisphere? And if you are in those places, what's bumming you out there? Love you and have weekends!