Welcome! It's Open Thread Time, Thus All Is As It Should Be

Eekend-way Open-ay Ead-thray! Now tell each other (and me) what little or big thing is going on with you, in any language you choose.
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February 28, 2014
open thread

Hello, darlings! May I call you darlings? Does that make you think of the family in Peter Pan? No? Me neither. Marci, who works with me here on our other site, xoVain, thinks of that every time she hears the word.It's time for your weekend open thread, where you can talk about everything from your favorite novels-turned-movies to your mood this week (I've been astonishingly CALM and don't know what to attribute that to) to rare diseases (it's National Rare Disease Day today) to what percentage of your underwear has been purchased at the drugstore to what you imagine (or know) it's like to live in Arizona this week.Also, I'm curious: what topic do you think has come up the most in these threads? You can talk about that, too! You can talk about everything! (I originally typed "everythong.")