A Juicy, Open-Minded Weekend Open Thread Just For You Intelligent Lovely People

Now is the time, and this is place to say and share whatever you want.
Publish date:
December 13, 2013
open thread, weekend open thread

It's finally the weekend, and now is the moment I've been looking forward to all week: your comments on this post!

As always and forever, please use this space to leave a comment regarding anything imaginable. There's no topic too racy or sad or complicated or simple for this community. Maybe you and your partner are finally going to do that Thing You've Always Wanted To Try? Did you draw your office crush for Secret Santa and now you're afraid everyone's going to think you rigged the contest? Is your hedgehog misbehaving? What holiday movies are you so excited to watch? Do you actually hate "Love Actually", like our Natalie does?

I love you VERY much. Thanks so much for sharing your lives with me and -- most of all -- with each other.