A Fresh And Clean Weekend Open Thread Just For You

Yay for Friday night! Double-yay for hearing about what all went on with y'all this week.
Publish date:
August 23, 2013
open thread

Welcome, welcome, welcome to this weekend's Open Thread. This is the most general open thread on this whole site, so please use this space to talk about anything you could possibly want to discuss. There's no news too big or too small, no insight we don't want to hear, no problem we don't want to help with. Whether you're wondering how to treat a stain or if you should report your boss to HR, let's talk about anything and everything.

Also, you can upload photos in Disqus, so show us that dresser you refurbished, the new purse you've been saving up for and finally treated yourself to -- or even your feet, if you feel like sharing those with the community!

We can also tell jokes here! Love you and let's get going.