Weekend Open Thread! I Hope You Love Reading Those Words As Much As I Do

Which makes you happier? The "Weekend" part of that or the "Open Thread" part? Answer that, or say something completely unrelated.
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May 2, 2014
open threads

I am so happy to type that it's May! April was full of technical glitches around here, and the idea of you coming to xoJane and possibly being unable to see us, see each other or hang out in the comments gave me anxiety (see how I tried to tie that intro in to a photo of me in kind of an anxious-looking pose? Yep, I'm all out of brilliance by this point in this long, long tech-glitchy week).I did my "Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits" thing on Wednesday morning, so maybe that will bring us all some good smooth-sailing luck this month. Let's see!And let's see. Tell me how your luck has been, how your week has been, or answer any of these things:

  • Can you recommend earbuds that will actually stay in ears comfortably?
  • Is your college one of the 55 under sexual assault investigation?
  • What's the best advice anyone ever gave you about laundry?
  • Do your dogs sleep in bed with you?
  • If I were to do a reader-produced issue of this site (the way I used to do with Sassy magazine), would you be into reading or writing for that?

No matter what, definitely talk about what YOU want to talk about. Big news? Little news? Updates? That's what this space is for, and I love when you take it over.