Tell Me How You Really Feel About Valentine's Day in This Loved-Up Open Thread

Raise your hand if you're over commercialized declarations of love. Or don't and talk about something more interesting and pertinent to your life or current state of mind.
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February 13, 2015
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I went through a period of being all anti Valentine's Day, but now I am more likely to forget about it. Speaking of, when you hear the phrase heart-shaped box, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? I'll tell you what instantly comes to my mind if you tell me what comes to yours below.

What I'm doing this year that happens to fall on that (awful? overly commercialized? exhausting? gloriously hopeful?) day: having a little dinner party at my newish apartment with the same number of people as I have dishes, one of whom is a chef (woohoo!) and coming to cook — since I don't.

I am responsible for wine and dessert. Any ideas for a dessert recipe that I cannot mess up would be so, so welcome. Note that when I was the dessert cook at my Oberlin co-op, I always managed to forget one (but not always the same one) of the three ingredients in my butterscotch brownies. When I forgot the flour and just baked pans of brown sugar and butter, that was actually the most delectable.

My Friday the 13th (Valentine's Day's cooler, edgier, older cousin of a holiday) went splendidly (so far — depending on when you are reading this), and I can't wait to hear about yours down in the comments. If you don't remember or don't care about that, you can also feel free to just give a quick answer to any or all of these conversation starters disguised as questions (y'all used to do that a lot in the OT comments and not lately — hmm?):

I know the end of that last sentence looks like some weird emoticon, so care to translate it?

Has Brian Williams lost your trust forever? Did he ever have it?

Do you think long baths are luxurious or kind of gross?

Grammy question: Did you watch? (I did for the first time in years, and I can't say what enticed me to — but then I was psyched when one of you had a friend win one and told us here in the comments. Congratulations again, friend!)

Would you rather go out to eat at your favorite restaurant, or cook something equally spectacular at home?

Do you watch the news?

Do you think Susan Patton (aka the Princeton Mom) is harmless?

What's the best lint roller brand, or is tape just as good?

Marci made me ask that last question because she has pet hair all over her winter coats like you would not believe. Show off your outerwear wisdom and current events savvy in this totally adoring, all-for-you open thread. Say the first thing that pops into your head*, share advice, or just spread some love in the comments and have a stellar weekend.

*If you're joining us for the first time this week, you should know that I'm 100 percent serious. For whatever you have to say, even just "hi, I'm here," there's someone in the comments (me included) who'll want to hear it.