10 Things We Didn’t Write About This Week But That You Might Want to Comment On, Including the Explosive Appliance That Might Be in Your House Right Now

What would you do if you got thousands of text messages from Trump supporters?
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October 2, 2016
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It was a hell of a week for a lot of people. What I've been reading in the news really puts my newly chipped tooth into perspective. (Not that I'm not extremely annoyed about that.) But it's all relative, right?

Well, regardless of how your week went, perhaps you'd like to discuss some stuff that didn't happen to you. That's what this is here for.

The story of the piano salesman Trump stiffed might be the saddest thing you’ll read today. [Washington Post]

Someone literally tried to kiss Kim Kardashian’s butt. [NY Post]

Michelle Obama is not letting the birther theory go. [NBC News]

Let’s all check and make sure our washing machines aren’t the exploding kind. [NY Post]

Will & Grace came back for us right when we needed it. [People]

Hmmm, Hillary Clinton’s debate face looks familiar. [The Daily Beast]

A ride at Knott’s Berry Farm was shut down because mental health advocates found it offensive. [Orange County Register]

A random bartender in DC received 13,000 angry text messages thanks to C-SPAN. [DCist]

If you have both of your ovaries removed, you’ll age faster, a new study says. [CNN]

Amanda Knox is back. [NY Daily News]

For a second, in my head, I mixed up Amanda Knox and Belle Knox. Whoops! But hey, Amanda is welcome to write for xoJane, too.

And you, of course, are welcome to talk about any or all of these current events in the comments. Which one is most relevant to your life?