Say Something Loud and Clear in This Transparent-As-A-Jellyfish Open Thread

And how's your mood been this week?
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September 4, 2015
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I feel I have been cryptic lately in these Open Thread intros. All for good reason, of course, like the protection of children and the protection of various people's livelihoods.

However, it bugs me when I go back and reread them how mumblingly vague they read, so today I am going to be ultra clear.

1) I haven't owned a working phone in almost a month. I borrowed one this week that has a battery that runs out when it gets to 27%.

2) Hardly anyone has been in the xoJane office this week. Emily has been in the hospital with her SO and Amber is driving cross country.

3) Though RHOBH is my favorite in the franchise, I am loving the Real Housewives of New York. I replayed a conversation between Kristen and Bethany three times last night so I could make out exactly every word of what they were saying.

4) I've become obsessed with the bodybuilder Mike O'Hearn.

5) My two favorite foods for my whole life have been tomatoes and apples, in that order.

6) Charlotte starts 7th grade on Thursday.

7) My aura is bright yellow.

Tell me and each other something totally 100% honest-to-your-preferred-deity factual too or keep yourself to yourself and answer one or more of these eight questions that I actually really want your answers to:

Have you ever driven a zip car?

Would you rather have Kanye West or Donald Trump for president?

Do you prefer the Summer or Winter Olympics?

Do you know anyone currently abusing a prescription drug?

What was the most indulgent thing you did this summer?

Do you generally run toward or away from conflict?

How often do you change your passwords?

Would you be friends with your siblings if you weren't related?

Or just go into the comments and say whatever you feel like saying, even just hi. The barrier for entry here is as low as it gets and I aim to keep it that way by providing a shining example myself of the fact that nothing you say could be too mundane, too silly, too serious, too heavy, too bragging, too self-involved, too crazy or too vague for this comment section.

We welcome, embrace and appreciate every comment, because it comes from you. So go to it, sweetpeas.