10 Things Nobody Would Write About This Week

Which would you like to have read our take on?
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August 4, 2012

I had a photo shoot this week, so was once again using this technique I taught you about massaging your own face.

Oh gosh, I am 3 hours late posting this. Well, this was one of my kookier weeks. I was at Disneyworld for most of it -- checking in to work by taking my phone out of the ziploc baggie under that clear plastic tarp thingie that they nicely provide on the flume rides. Hijacking unused strollers (30 bucks a day for a stroller???!?) that would carry my backpack so I could check in on my laptop while waiting in line for another ride on Dumbo.

Because I picked a nicely dramatic few days to be away. A few days during which we DID NOT write about the following. Happy weekends and enjoy the following (if you like). Tell me which you would have liked to have read our take on (if you like):

Are cheaters always cheaters? - Daily Mail

Once and for all, what are we supposed to look for in a sunscreen? - Daily Mail

Gym makeup? - Daily Mail

A quarter of women fake orgasms every time they have sex - Daily Mail

Beauty/style idea: Lisa Frank-inspired looks? - The Daily

NYC modeling camp -- any child models in the house? -The New Yorker

Powerful women not wanting to be called feminists - Jezebel

Finally, a pen ladies can use! -Jezebel

A bit played but maybe we could do an original take on Marilyn fashion/style? I could see Alison killing this or Hannah - Daily Mail

Oprah shows her natural hair for the cover of O - New York Magazine