10 Things We Didn't Write About But That You Might Want to Comment On, Like How You Can Be Whatever Gender You Want Now on Tinder

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November 20, 2016
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This whole past week has had a pre-revolutionary air about it — almost as if the entire world has just about reached boiling point and is on the brink of revolt... because it kind of is. Fair.

Related to that, we couldn't help but pass around all sorts of newsy stuff — mostly horrible ways that Americans are treating each other under our soon-to-be presidential regime but also good stuff too.

Caitlin's been bombarded by people asking how they can help by becoming an abortion clinic escort. Donations to Planned Parenthood and the ACLU have reported surges in donations!

That in mind, everyone at HQ has been very heads-down with fielding news but here's what we bounced back and forth between each other but didn't get a chance to write about:

Tinder just announced that it will be introducing more genders with their #AllTypesAllSwipes movement! [Tinder]

Can Trump's hair survive inauguration day? [Daily Beast]

Twitter just introduced a way to essentially see no evil/hear no evil with trolls to combat online abuse. [Washington Post]

Coca Cola made a selfie bottle that takes your picture when you drink it [Tech Crunch]

The next time someone says "when pigs fly" just send them this. [@PDChina]

Shelley Duvall's daughter (rightfully so) called out Dr. Phil for exploiting her mother's mental illness [Hollywood Reporter]

Chloe Sevigny directed a short film! And it's super cute! [Refinery 29]

Blac Chyna gave birth to baby girl, Dream Renee Kardashian last week (No one has anything to write about this? Really? Okay, I guess) [Us Weekly]

If you ever wondered what lumberjacks actually do, now you know. [The Atlantic]

Our greatest allies against climate change are apparently plants! [The Verge]

Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn (the guy Trump chose as his national security advisor) is apparently more concerned that the women working in the Defense Intelligence Agency not adopt a "plain Jane" look (HOW DARE YOU — Also I hear that look is very minimalist chic right now, is it not??) [Daily Beast]

How much do you wanna bet that that selfie bottle won't even work the way it's supposed to? Talk about these things and anything weird that has happened in your part of the world in the comments!