Share Your Week (In Words, Emoji, Grunts or Pictures!) In this Worth-1,000-Of-Them Open Thread

Meet our newest team member and see us make funny faces together, as one does in the Time Inc. offices. Then comment away!
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November 20, 2015
open thread, weekend open thread

While open-plan-office major-publishing-company life has its perks (like expansive scenic river views from every angle of your pacing just now while on the phone with the Benefits office, who doubts you are you, because you have no social security card and were incidentally last night comparing the levels of security here with your stepdad who works at NASA), it also has downsides (like brainstorming meetings sprinkled with celebrity snarkiness and headline puns as they are being conceived! -- wafting by while you're trying to write this, plus catching the cold your lovely boss -- who is much less wimpy about it than you are -- had last week).

Yes, last week, Deb didn't have much of a speaking voice and I am without one this week -- so even though that has nothing to do with being able to write and I should have come up with an excuse involving a broken wrist or something -- whatever, we are going to be doing this Open Thread in pictures with captions instead of the usual. Of course, this doesn't mean you still can't say or shout or share whatever the hell you want to, in whatever format you prefer today, in the comments.

Now, comment on these, caption the uncaptioned image here (WHO would actually want to do that? I mean, really! But do it if you want and I will love it), talk about your life and something little or big going on in it, ask for advice, talk about your cat, do whatever you want here, and be ready to reap some of the least judgmental, sweetest, quickest, most thoughtful feedback in your life thus far.

Oh, Dumb P.S. I have adjusted very corporately to hanging my ID card on the side pocket of my backpack for easy access through the turnstiles. Now if I could only find my house-keys, which I lost this week. Tell me if you have any idea where they might be.