This Weekend Open Thread Is Your One-Stop Shop For Warm Feelings, Hot Debates, and Juicy Secrets

Pull up a chair, pour a mug of tea, force your dog to hang out with you, and dive in to this weekend's open thread.
Publish date:
January 24, 2014
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It's another one of these lovely things: Our Weekend Open Thread. Welcome! This week is no different than the others; this is a place for you to talk about whatever you need to talk about. Ask this community any question or provide us with even the most mundane detail from your life this week, because sometimes switching to a new and more delicious brand of Dijon mustard really can change your life for the better. I want to know about it!

If you need a starting place, we can talk about Obama's new task force to hold universities and colleges accountable if they don't confront and respond to issues of sexual violence. Right now, according to a new WH report, one in five women are assaulted while in college -- and only 12% report the assault. We can also discuss caffeine addiction, and how it's the most socially acceptable addiction (am I right?). Other possible conversation topics include: Cinnabon-flavored vodka, whether or not you're against using microwaves, and if you suck at painting your own nails.

Thank you so much for being a part of this. Have weekends!