This Particular Open Thread Is Like The Most Comforting Hug

If you need someone to talk to, you’ll find a lot of good listeners here.
Publish date:
June 7, 2014
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ETA: I'm sorry this is a little late in going (back) up. You may know that I have been dealing with another issue on the site today and wanted to post a response to that before running this pre-written Open Thread. Now here it is again. I hope you find some distraction in it, or whatever you want to get out of YOUR weekly Open Thread and each other here....

This week I ONCE AGAIN hugged someone who said hi to me in a grocery store, because I knew her face so well, but couldn't recall the context in which I have seen her face so often. She seemed uncomfortable with the hug, but I know her so well! Even though I still can't remember how I know her.

Are you a hugger? And, if so, how do you hug? Have you ever intentionally patted the back of the person you were hugging so that they would know that it was not meant to imply intimacy? Let's talk about that! Or these ideas that may appeal to you more (or less):

  • Are you going to get Google Glass when it becomes widely available?
  • Did you have any supernatural beliefs when you were a tween?
  • Dance moves you wish you could master.
  • Do your pets do any funny tricks
  • What would you do if the person you're dating had a tattoo of an ex’s name?

Or just ask us for advice, tell us how you’re feeling, what you did this week, what you want to do with your life, how many naps you’re going to take this weekend -- whatever. This is your space, and it’s ready when you are.