There’s No Dress Code For This Open Thread

But what are you wearing right now? (Extra love if it’s a bathing suit for our gallery!)
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July 18, 2014
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Just doing a quick phone-check on this Friday afternoon for the purposes of this intro, I have 23,425 unread emails in my work inbox and 16,788 in my personal. It doesn't stress me out but also doesn't make me feel particularly excited whenever I hear the ding on my phone telling me I have a new one. You either, right? Aren't the vast majority of emails more stress- than joy-inducing?

The reason I bring that up is because this week I actually experienced two periods where I was excited about getting flooded with mail. The first was right after I reached out to other Editors-In-Chief of women's publications about being part of our Swimsuit Gallery. Their responses ranged from funny to thoughtful to appreciative to supportive to understandably dismissive and other adjectives, too, but were all so interesting.

And my current excitement is over all of you emailing us your bathing suit photos for that gallery. Both your pictures and what you've written to accompany them are so gorgeous. I have cried a few times reading them and am even more proud of you than usual.

So let’s get proudly talking! If you don’t have any topics in mind, maybe you can answer one of these questions:

  • What kind of accent is sexiest to you?
  • How many umbrellas have you lost so far this year?
  • Did you watch the ESPYs?
  • What type of body of water do you prefer to swim in?
  • What brand makes the best white T-shirt?

But the most important question is, what do YOU want to talk about? Someone here will talk about it with you. Isn’t that nice to know?