The VERY LAST Weekend Open Thread Of 2013

So get it all out -- everything you've been waiting to say.
Publish date:
December 27, 2013
open thread, weekend open thread

So, I will be straight up and honest with you -- I wrote this piece a week ago before going on Christmas vacation. But while I did write this a week ago, there is no question I'll be spending my weekend in this thread -- even if it means that I'm hovering in the corner of a fancy holiday party or that everyone at the party thinks I'm doing drugs because I keep sneaking into the bathroom to see what advice other commenters give you about a dilemma that you raise here. Or I'll spend way too long in my brother's garage in Waxahachie, Texas -- pretending to be trying to start the car, but really, hanging out on my phone in the comments.

How was your week? Let's tally up the backhanded compliments and re-gifts we've all experienced this past week. Of course, we can also talk about presents. I remember it was a big deal last year because both Madeline and Tynan got the same thing from their SOs but I forget what they got. Don't hold back: this is your last time in 2013 to say whatever you haven't said, however nonsensical, however silly, however lengthy, however whatever, or to complain about anyone or anything. And you are the smartest, funniest complainers I've ever come across. Go!