The Very Last Open Thread of This Very Year

So I expect you to leave at least 2014 comments -- each.
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December 26, 2014
open thread, new years, 2015

I'm not good at looking back at the past year. I never remember who died, who achieved what, what major events happened within the year or within any specific time-frame.

So I thought I would be a little clever and co-opt this ritual my friend told me to do on the recent winter solstice: I wrote down what I wanted to happen in the next six months, meditated on it and then burned the paper it was written on (don't you love the smell of burnt paper? God, I do).

Along those lines, I am going to use this sacred space to write my Best Of 2015 List and see if I can manifest it into reality. Then I really, really want to know what's at the top of your Best Of 2015 List. Here goes mine (a work in progress as I am jotting these down quickly and will no doubt come back to add to it):

Gay marriage was legalized everywhere in the world.

I traveled a ton.

ISIS is something kids learn about in history class.

There was love and light in all of our lives.

I continued to do small good deeds, like give money to street performers and offer directions to people who look lost.

xoJane now operates with the most perfect owner and my staff and contributors are also happy in our new home.

Charlotte nailed her front flip.

Obviously, if future-tripping has nothing to do with anything you care about talking about right now, but you're still having trouble figuring out how to get started commenting here, here are a few simple questions you can answer below:

  • Do you regularly eat in bed?
  • Screwdriver or Greyhound?
  • What music do you listen when you need to get a ton of work done?
  • What are you doing on New Year's, anyway?
  • Have I ever repeated a question on one of these Open Threads?
  • Do you feel bad about eating the gingerbread house or do you enjoy the destruction? (Seriously, no judgment.)

I would also like to suggest that you use this comment space to talk to each other throughout this whole next week, as I am planning to -- because there's just too much stuff that gets stirred up this time of year and too few people around you can talk to about it. Usually because all the people you want to talk about are sitting right there next to you. Or is that just me?

So no matter how you are feeling right now, get into this open thread together and do your thing.