The Theme Of This Weekend's Super-Welcoming, Mega-Accepting Open Thread Is Gratitude

Grab yourself a turkey or tofurkey sandwich, a glass of something or other, and start talking.
Publish date:
November 29, 2013
open thread, weekend open thread, Thanksgiving

My hope is that you're feeling super grateful right now as you read this -- either you had a fruitful day of shopping or you are so, so glad the insane workday you had is finally over. I worked a little bit (although I wasn't supposed to) but that's OK. How are YOU? How was Thanksgiving? Is your home currently filled with drunk relatives? Do you actually love your extended family and in-laws (or most of them) a lot? That can and does happen!

Charlotte and I had a lovely Thanksgiving with friends out here in California -- I won't tell you who the friends are but you can guess in the comments, and if you subscribe to My Diary (basically our newsletter plus my kooky thoughts on the week) you'll know who at least one of them is.

What was your favorite thing you ate this year? For me, it was my friend's green bean casserole with French-fried onions on top. For Charlotte, it was extra-lumpy buttermilk mashed potatoes. Or maybe you decided to say "eff it" to Thanksgiving this year? That's OK, too. And if you want to talk about random non-holiday related things here, I'm all for it. But if you feel like it, do tell me what you're grateful for right now (as cheesy and seasonal and cliché as that might be). I am really grateful for Lori, English Breakfast Tea, Charlotte, and wasabi peas.