The Most Uninhibited, Nonjudgmental, More-Free-Spirited-Than-Coachella, Full-Of-Love Open Thread Ever!

Anything your keyboard will let you type is OK here!
Publish date:
April 11, 2014

Ready to talk about what's on your mind? No? That's OK! You can still hang out here. Maybe someone will ask a question that you know the perfect answer to and you will more or less change her life! Alternately, tell us how your day was.Or you could talk about some of the things that just popped into my mind, like...

  • Apparently, the entire internet got hacked and we're all screwed...?
  • Jewelry that you never, ever take off.
  • Above-the-butt/lower-back dimples: do you have them?
  • Have you ever had a book/poem/song/performance dedicated to you?
  • Did you have more energy than usual this week?

OK, beauties, that space below is yours!