The Moment You've All Been Waiting For (Maybe): Your Open Thread! STARRING YOU!

What's better: the open thread, or the ANTICIPATION of the open thread?
Publish date:
April 18, 2014
open threads

Did you lovelies get any special visitors this week? (I'm not talking about your period, but you can talk about your period if you feel like it.) We did! The magical Melissa Stetten came to our staff meeting, plus, Claire Lower and Kate Conway recently stopped by to admire our fancy new offices. It was all pretty wonderful and involved lots of hugs and baked goods. If you didn't get any special visitors, you could talk about...

  • If you give your period a nickname.
  • The first Boston Marathon since last year's tragic events.
  • Celebrities you'd like to see do fashion collections.
  • How Jesus supposedly ate guinea pig at the Last Supper.
  • The first thing you'd print out if you had a 3D printer.
  • Whether you are doing anything Easter-related or no way, and why.

As always you can also talk about any damn thing. There are tons of us who can't wait to see anything all from you, no matter how mundane or thrilling in may be. See you in the comments!