The Main Ingredient in This Week's Open Thread is YOU

What food or beverage have you OD'ed on and can never touch again?
Publish date:
May 15, 2015

I'm pretty drained and feeling a little over-shared-out after this week's WWJD. PLUS you had to sit through (or skip over) my lengthy sleepless ramblings last week to get to the good part of this column, your comments. Therefore, this week's Open Thread intro is going to be short, sweet (like cake! or brownies! or baklava!) and all about you guys.

Here's a list of seven comment-starter questions to answer, if you have nothing else to report on or talk about at the moment:Do you feel unsafe riding an Amtrak train after this week's crash?

What's your favorite song by the late, great BB King?

Do you avoid the dirty dozen when you're grocery shopping? Do you know what the dirty dozen are? I didn't until Amber just told me.

Have you looked at Kim Kardashian's selfie book?

Have you ever declared bankruptcy?

How do you keep cookies from burning on the bottom?

What illegally-obtained drugs have you consumed in your lifetime? (I am making my list right now and happy to share it.)Let's get chatty and delicious in the comments! Happy Friday! Have weekends, everyone!

P.S. When I was 12, I was selling baklava at my school crafts fair and ate so much of it that, decades later, even seeing a picture of baklava makes that pre-puke saliva gather in the back of my throat. My beverage like that is rum, though I have pushed past that one a number of times.