The Best Place For Non-Judgey Conversation & Secret-Telling? This Weekend Open Thread

If you have never participated in this Open Thread, come try it! It's the best place to be this weekend.
Publish date:
January 10, 2014
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Happy weekend, sweet-loves! Come on in to this weekend's Open Thread. If you're new here: welcome, welcome, welcome. This Open Thread, which goes up every Friday night and stays active all weekend (I have never been able to go a weekend day without checking in on it at least a few times myself), is a place where you can talk about anything that's possible to put into words. You know what? I'm also open to non-words.

Here are things that people have shared in the past: being pregnant (even though she couldn't tell anyone else yet), getting engaged to be married, meeting an online lover IRL for the first time, cheating on a spouse, and really scary -- and exciting -- job interviews. Good confessions are always good, too. And, of course, the mundane-as-hell is so, so welcome. I've tried my dogs' biscuits and I'd love to hear about the new granola recipe you made and how you're pouring the results straight from the mason jar into your mouth.

One last thing that would be awesome to share here? The best article you've read all week or all year (from any outlet). Have fun!