The Best Community Deserves The Best Open Thread

You guys won the MIN Digital Award for Best Community AGAIN! So come on in and do what you do better than anyone else.
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May 30, 2014
open threads

I cannot thank you, THE BEST INTERNET COMMUNITY IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, enough for your input on my weird thigh rash. You suggested diagnoses ranging from Lyme disease to a spider bite to bed bugs AGAIN to ringworm to "don't crowdsource this kind of thing!"

One of you even separately emailed me some natural-remedy-type suggestions for getting rid of ringworm, so I put apple cider vinegar on it that night and the rash is now almost completely gone. (This is for those of you who specifically asked for an update from me on this. The rest of you, skip ahead to the comments to talk about whatever is much more interesting to you and the world.) Now I am still going to go to a dermatologist to get it checked out, though I will probably reschedule that appointment a bunch before I actually go, because it feels like a waste of time and other things will feel more important. I know.

But now on to YOU AWARD-WINNING COMMENTERS. Here, do what you do best and talk about absolutely anything, including maybe one or all of these things:

  • Transgender bombshell Laverne Cox on the cover of Time
  • Have you ever taken the test to become a Jeopardy contestant?
  • Robert De Niro's upcoming film about his gay father.
  • What's your favorite font?

If I could post this in the Eccentric STD font, I would. But wait -- why is it called that? Now I'm thinking about what an eccentric STD would be. Feel free to share your ideas on that, too. And, of course, as always, tell secrets and help each other out in this lovely and wondrous no-judgment zone.