Take A Deep Breath And Dive Into This Weekend's Especially Loving Open Thread

If you're new around here, this is the Weekend Open Thread and anything goes!
Publish date:
February 7, 2014
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Welcome to the weekend, sweethearts. For those of you who are not familiar (and apologies for being boring to those that are): This is the most general Open Thread on the site. My hope is that it's active all weekend and a place where anyone should feel free to write openly about anything. If you're having trouble getting started, answer these:

  • What's your favorite sweater that you've been wearing all winter long?
  • Are you going to watch the Olympics?
  • Did this week seem long or short to you?
  • Are you still reeling from something that happened in the news days ago?
  • Are your weekend plans based mainly around your pet's playdates and appointments?
  • How often do you floss? And be honest (always the main rule of xoJane Open Threads). I floss only when I have something stuck in my teeth and no faster way to get it out.

Thanks always for being you. Have a great weekend. If you need me, you know where to find me (meaning: I'm here all weekend, pretty much).