How Was Our Speech?

Watch and tell me how we did!
Publish date:
April 26, 2013
sxsw speech

I can't thank you guys enough for everything you did to get me up onto that stage at SXSW last month. From titling the speech to telling me what to wear (though I didn't listen to you -- the geometric? really??) to calming my nerves backstage to actually showing up there and letting me meet you in person (the most thrilling of all).

So someone just sent me this link to a video of the speech so you can see how you did. I don't expect you to actually watch the thing, but if you do take a look, let me know how I did because Lori started to play it here in the office a minute ago and I heard myself say um so many times that I can't watch it. But I do think you deserve to see as much of it as you want to.

And I (um, nervous smile, twitch) love you and thank you.