9 Stories We Didn't Write About, but That You Might Want to Comment on, Including Sean Penn's Interview with "El Chapo" and Steven Avery's New Lawyers

Publish date:
January 10, 2016
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I'm not into clever titles. I like titles that tell you exactly what you are getting, like this one. The only problem with such a literally descriptive headline is that now there is really nothing more for me to say here. So to recap: here are some links to stories that ran this week on topics we didn't cover here on xoJane. Have you noticed that our links lately in this column have not contained celebrity names or goofy topics and have been much more weighty in nature? If you like that shift, tell Amber, because she pulls them together while I write this part. So read as many as interest you and enjoy and then talk about these or related subject below, if you like.

Sean Penn is being investigated after details surrounding his secret interview with Mexican drug lord Joaquín Guzmán Loera have come to light. [New York Times]

Donald Trump thinks Kim Jong Un's "accomplishments" are "pretty amazing." [Gawker]

After the Cologne attacks, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is calling for stricter deportation rules. [Buzzfeed]

People connected with several Hong Kong book publishers have "simply vanished." [WashPo]

John Kasich thinks paid maternity leave is a terrible idea that contributes to the gender-based wage gap. [The Slot]

The trail of Caesar Goodson, the Baltimore police officer charged with the murder of Freddie Gray, is set to begin on Monday. [Buzzfeed]

Gloria Allred is defending a 14-year-old-girl who claims rapper and creepy predator Tyga attempted to solicit her on FaceTime. [The Daily Beast]

Steven Avery of Making A Murderer has a new legal team. [Jezebel]

The NRA has some thoughts on President Obama's attempt "to create the illusion that he’s doing something to keep people safe." [Salon]