Be as Random as You Want in This Open Thread (I Definitely Am)

Let's talk about London. Or not!
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November 4, 2016
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The office has been a bit of a ghost town this week. Marci is on a beauty-editor press trip in the Hamptons, Dan left on a culinary tour of Columbus, Ohio and Caitlin is vacationing in London and sent us a message saying she gave her number to a bartender within 24 hours of getting there. Which reminds me that the first time I ever saw one of those mugs with a ceramic penis in the bottom of it that you see as you sip your beverage down (you know those?) was on my first-ever trip to London, when I was 18 and coincidentally (coincidentally because of what all of us here in the USA are about to do on Tuesday — wahoo!) coincided with my first-ever time voting, so I remember having to cast my absentee ballot before I left for London.

Marci, who is now my editor on this column, kindly allowed me that rambling run-on sentence above, but put a note in here saying "story about voting absentee goes here." B-b-but but but but but but that was my story. Or, I should say, there is no story!

Since I moved on Monday (and left my brain in my old apartment?), I feel a little bit like a tourist in my own town even though I relocated less than a mile from where I was. Either way, it's really really fun to explore this new place I'm in. Like last night when I went looking for a piece of pizza and was so excited to find an overpriced market where, for the same price as a big box of saltines, you can get a really cute little touristy-size package. How quaint. It kind of reminded me of being in London, or traveling in general, when you buy stuff you never would otherwise. Or is that just me?

And what about you? Are you currently home or in some non-home place? No matter where you are, you'd better be a good xoCitizen and comment here, even if just one-word answers to these rando questions:

Who are you named after?

Do you ever think about the bacteria that lives on you?

Do you prefer to put on peds when you try on shoes or do you do it barefoot?

What's the last reason you wore a bandaid?

Have you heard of the expression "throwing spaghetti at the wall" or is that just Marci (who used it this week in an email to me pitching story ideas)?

Tea or coffee in the morning, or something else altogether?

What's the most ridiculous thing you've bought as a tourist somewhere?

You can talk about anything you want here. You can ask for or give advice. You can say something random that just popped into your head and see if it popped into anyone else's too. As always, this thread is yours. Use it to talk about the site this week, your personal life, or the world in general. It is really totally up to you. I'm grateful for every single comment here. And it feels really good to do it, if you haven't yet tried. So do it! Over and over and over again, as you are the true masters of this form.

P.S. There are going to be some great additions to XO over the next week or so, which honestly deserves more than a post-script, but I want you to be able to get to the best part of this column, your comment section, ASAP. So I'll just summarize by saying that Sable is going to be spending a lot more time in the office, and we've got a brand-new fitness contributor I'm excited about, the one-of-a-wild-kind Charlee Atkins, starting Monday. So if there's anything you want to ask a knowledgable but totally accepting and weirdo fitness type, you can ask in the comments here and she will come by to answer you.

P.P.S. Wait, I just remembered that I had a dream last night wherein I was sleeping with Mick Jagger, so I brought him home to meet my mom. He wore winter whites the whole time. Feel free to tell me your recent dreams here too.

P.P.P.S. Love you all!!