Sooooo Important It Requires TWO Photos (Vote Now)!

God, I have so many important things I want to share with you.
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November 15, 2012
Jane Pratt, big birthdays, decisions

God, I have so many important things I want to share with you. Emily just rolls her eyes at me now when I tell her about something that's going on in my life and say, "I'm also writing about it", because the posts in our CMS under "Drafts" with my name on them could fill a short book. Then the pieces stay in Drafts because I think they aren't good enough to share or I get distracted by other work and don't finish them and then lose the urgency. But they weigh on me like every email I haven't returned, every "thank you" note I haven't written yet, every undone thing that makes me feel like whatever is not coming to me is karma.

Like right now, I MUST tell you about this woman (famous, artist, awesome) who told Charlotte to "Shut up" the other day and I am so curious how you feel about disciplining other people's kids.

I also really want to tell you about the vitamin detox I'm currently undergoing. And the Chinese herbs I'm taking. Intense.

And about my amazing 50th birthday party last weekend. And about the family issue I am dealing with. And about my latest injury. And on and on.

For now (because my priorities are screwed up/this is what is in front of me), what I am sharing are these two photos that are of utmost significance because Madeline and I were gifted (weird verb) today: cashmere scarves! Which color looks best on which of us, 'cause we can't decide? Then go on to something more important and tell me how you do it all.