Sometimes I am NOT The Worst Mom In The World

And it's when I'm busy being the worst employee! Just kidding, bosses.

You know those days (or at least groupings of hours) when everything you have to do (GET to do!) fits together like a puzzle? A puzzle with a lot of pieces (like 1000!) but really easy to put together? Not too much sky or whatever spans of one color would make it difficult? And can you tell that I don't do puzzles that often, so this metaphor is not exactly facile?

For example: you finish writing your post just in time to get to your daughter's orchestra recital? Then you wrap up the work call successfully just as you are walking into yoga? I know it all sounds way too perfect to be the life of Jane Pratt, Worst Mom In The World (TM). But sometimes it happens.

Well, when I can, I bring 9-year-old Charlotte Janey (I call her that) into the office here at xoJane with me after school. She can do her homework, play with beauty products and run around making trouble and distracting people from their work while I get stuff done. She also weighs in in editorial meetings with her very emphatic opinions, especially about fashion and beauty trends-to-come.

Sometimes it is a challenge that my life and job are so one and the same. But mostly I feel lucky that I can combine all the things I love so much into one. Like propping up the sheet music against my screen so I can get in a little violin practice in with Charlotte between meetings. Sooooo lucky.

And if you can even guess what song I am out-of-tune-ly playing here, you are a genius.

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