You Are The Very Best Thing About This Slightly Seasonal, Scattered Open Thread

What was the very best part of your week this week?
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September 25, 2015
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Well, Happy Belated Autumn Equinox, dudes! I want to know if your first week of Fall (did I get my dates and seasons right?) has been full of change or impending change (like mine), or if things were more or less stable in your world.

I am dealing with a lot of upcoming work change (yes, still dealing with it -- many of you know the history). And then I came back to my apartment today to find scaffolding filled with cute workers who will be camped outside my windows for the next six months, apparently. They are very cute and also loud -- playing music, yelling at each other, generally enjoying their jobs, it seems. Which is awesome and inspiring, but loud.

Then yesterday evening we had a conference call to discuss upcoming (positive) work changes and how they will impact out little full-time team of Emily, Lesley, Marci and Amber. Emily was at the playground (which meant that I kept thinking her "Don't push!" and "Say you're sorry!" comments were meant for me), Lesley was in some fabulous LA spot, the rest of us at our respective homes. My wifi kept going down (maybe all the construction?) so I kept getting dropped from our google hangout. Finally we did some crazy patched-together call where we each added one other person on our iPhones until we were all talking ... and I don't even know where I was going with this boring technology update, except to remind you:

Mercury in retrograde is happening now through October 9th and is a good time to wait until you are sure that your boss has hung up the phone before saying "Bitch" under your breath -- or whatever you call yours. No one called me "bitch," by the way. Just some other stuff. It's ok, though, I respect my employee's lack of respect for me.

I want to know if your week has been crazy and change-filled or relatively static. Also, I want to know what you think about these random questions (#3 especially).

Are you pissed Viola Davis didn't get a standing ovation at the Emmy's?

Are you pro or anti-flu shot?

Are you afraid of dying/being dead?

If you had to choose: anxiety or depression?

Anything you want to say about the Pope?

What's your favorite and least favorite season?

Favorite candy?

Does Fall give you anxiety or make you feel all invigorated and excited?

How do you make coffee -- pour over, french press, old school Mr. Bunn?

Do you set more than one alarm in the morning?

Or talk about anything at all in this, your space to be whoever you are right this moment. We all love all the sides of your ever-changing self, so write some of them down here, bless us with your presence, ask for advice, tell a detailed story, vent or squeal. And respond a lot and help each other out whenever you can, would you?