You Are Invited To Talk About Any Dumb (Or Smart) Little (Or Big) Thing In This Ultra-Malleable Open Thread

But don't not comment. That would not be fun for the rest of us.
Publish date:
May 22, 2015

It's been a week of home-related transience for our little xoJane family:

Emily's boyfriend, the one and only Deer Hoof, is on the mend and -- finally! -- moving home from the hospital, which means Emily can spend more time in her apartment and less time in the ICU. Which I selfishly like for many reasons, one being that our phone-calls when she is working from DH's hospital bedside have been more subdued than our usual effusive scream/giggle/tear-fests.

And the beeping in the background is a constant reminder that what I am talking to Emily about is often just as superficial as my mom said it would be when she warned teenage me not to get into this magazine business and to do something more important with my life.

Amber is moving closer to NYC (yay for less commute time!), so she's been packing and MIA from the office, but always present in our thoughts and on speaker phone. I talk to Amber the most of anyone here and it is always interesting and uplifting to connect with her through whatever means. Also impressive how cute her outfits, hair and makeup are for working from home, unlike mine when I do.

The news from Lesley (an eternal shining light, as you know) is that her apartment is finally officially recovered from flooding. Based on her instagram, it's even more gorgeous than it was before. As is she (both in a deep sense and a superficial one, based on our Google hangout yesterday).

Of course, I want to know what major or minor transitions you're going through and how you're coping with or celebrating them. Do you joyfully coast or dig in your heels or take deep breaths or take Ativan or call your dad or check your horoscope every morning?

If you hate change and refuse to give it a comment's worth of thought, here's this week's batch of cavalier and fancy free questions you can answer all or none of:

Have you been following the Cannes films or fashion?

Is June a better month than May?

Do you read in the bathtub?

What celebrity couple are you tired of hearing about?

Did you love (or hate or not care about) the season finale of Mad Men?

Do you have a good sense of smell?

Are you good on job interviews?

Do you have a favorite brand of sunscreen?

Oh! I almost forgot! I want to hear what you all think of Mad Max: if you've seen it, if you haven't, and if I should see it as a fan of feminism and George Miller (Happy Feet, come on) but a queasy consumer of gratuitous violence. Basically, should I see that or Pitch Perfect 2 this weekend or both?

Tell me whatever you're thinking or have been avoiding thinking or avoid telling me everything and embrace one another in the comments. Seriously say anything. Or: Seriously, say anything. Your choice.