Seven Things I Couldn't Get Anybody To Write About This Week

Topics my generally willing staff wouldn't write about. Were they being lazy, apathetic or wise?
Publish date:
September 22, 2012

So here are the seven things I couldn't get anyone on staff to write about this week. (And, by the way, last week I didn't write one of these round-ups not because everybody took every assignment handed out to them, but because -- ah, I forget my excuse, but here I am, back and giving these guys a hard time once again.) Which of these timely stories are you bummed about not getting our extra-special-sauce take on?

Rupert Everett says there's nothing worse than gay parents [The Telegraph]

Nigella Lawson: "In real life, this is a normal size." [Jezebel]

Couples Halloween Costumes [HowAboutWe]

More models of color working [Jezebel]

Getting married the "right way" UGH [FOX News]

"I'm glad I'm not young and beautiful anymore" [Daily Mail]

Women speak less when they're surrounded by men [EurekAlert!]

And, of course, tell me what you want more and less of here in general -- and in your life in general. And xo.